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About Academic Arts

Art plays an important role in a person's life, because it is about the perception of reality, the production and study of ideas, and much more, which you can read about at https://elitewritings.com/college-research-paper.html or purchase college research papers etc. Located in West St. Paul, Minnesota, Academic Arts High School is a tuition-free, grade 9-12 public school committed to project-based learning. Our students design their own curriculum in the form of projects, completing those skills that fulfill the entire scope of standards required for graduation.

New Academic Arts students will enjoy our teacher-guided, gradual process for developing the independent skills necessary to carry out a full-fledged project. Identifying a student's areas of strong interest is an important first step of the project-based learning plan.

No jarring interruption of thought or work from school bells or running from one class to the next...students are given the time needed to focus on their work, accomplishing portions of their projects with efficiency. Here is an example of a quality project created according to these standards: Key Fostering Creative Thinking: Strategies for Originality....Academic Arts is able to establish natural breaks in the day with student learning in mind...an element important to students and parents.

Our Mission

Academic Arts High School is a learning community where students become active, caring citizens and inquisitive, resourceful lifelong learners. In addition, we try to evaluate and reveal the talent of each student, unleashing excellence through engaging project-based learning.

Our Vision

Where the best in high school learning is a result of innovation, succesful academics, respectful relationships, ethical excellence, responsibility-based freedoms, knowledge that lasts, and pursuit of one's individual goals...every day.


Academic Arts High School offers an alternative to traditional high school learning environments. For many students, the traditional setting is difficult to fit into and sometimes limits the student's potential. We take a project-based learning approach that enables students to design the curriculum that best suits their needs.

What does project based learning look like?

Project-based learning can have a variety of meanings, and certainly can be accomplished through a variety of methods. In a traditional setting, projects are incorporated into the curriculum. Here at River Heights, projects are a large part of the curriculum.

Projects are...

Advisory Teams

Each student has a single advisor and belongs to an advisory of no more than 20 students. This is in contrast to the 150-200 students that a teacher typically will have in the course of a day at a traditional high school. Advisors work with students to develop customized learning plans, all of which begin with identifying personal goals, interests, areas of strength and weakness, and post-secondary career and life plans.

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