Here are the board meeting dates for April through June:

  • Thursday, April 21 at 5 pm
  • Thursday, May 19 at 5 pm
  • Thursday, June 16 at 5 pm

These meetings are marked in the school calendar.

Below are links to AAHS board meeting minutes documents.

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Come to the AAHS Halloween Food and Music Fest on Friday, October 29, from 4 pm until 7 pm. Live Music by Two Legit! Prizes, Games, and a Costume Contest! You’ll have so much fun, you’ll want to enroll in our school! Call the school for details!

It’s October already, and Twins playoff baseball is just around the corner. Last week, AAHS students and staff concluded four weeks of educational-themed afternoon rotations. Rotations are small, 30-min seminars that students rotate through and examine a topic from a science, social studies, mathematical, and language arts perspective.  Last month’s education theme had students and staff examining what it means to be an educated person in the 21st century, and looking at how AAHS can provide them with that education. Students completed a short essay explaining their views on these questions as a capstone project for the theme.

October brings with it the fall harvest, so this month our community will be examining the topic of food, and how it fits into our lives. We will be looking at the basic essentials of food, where food comes from, what a healthy diet looks like, and also be studying the etiquette of fine dining. Of course, any study of nutrition should involve eating some food, so hopefully we will do some cooking and eating as well.

As is the norm, students are also working on a large variety of different individualized projects and learning opportunities as well.

We still have some slots open for enrollment, stop by the our school and apply today!

Win Twins!

Below you can save and/or print a parent letter and a permission slip for the Green Schools National Conference.

Parent Letter

Green Schools National Conference Permission Slip


The new school year is off in action, and as we enter week three, there’s a whole lot of new and exciting stuff going at Academic Arts High School. For starters, there’s a few new staff members bringing in a wealth of new knowledge, ideas, and fun.  Andrew Ng, our new math advisor, is working with kids on probability using some fun demonstrations with dice. When he finishes that, he takes a small group of adventurous students to the park for skateboarding lessons. We are also working on getting the art studio up and running with a variety of stained glass, tile mosaic, and painting projects, although the space is currently overrun by a giant Rube Goldberg machine.

Students are also in full project-based learning mode, and have begun projects around a variety of individualized topics, including (but not limited to) Blood, Aztec Culture, Conflict Management, Teen Driving, the USSR-USA wars in Afghanistan, and many more. Stop on by and check them out! In the afternoons, students are working through a variety of active seminars around the topic ‘What does it mean to be educated in the 21st century?’. They are engaged in examining their own learning, and how AAHS meets their unique needs as learners.

All-in-all, the year is off to a phenomenal start. We’re still taking applications for the 2010-11 school year, but spots are filling rapidly, so stop in and see us soon. We will be hosting a BBQ open house from 5-7 on Thurs, Sept 16th in the school parking lot. Our building is located at 60 Marie Ave in West St. Paul, above the NovaCare facility.

An open house for curious families looking for a new educational opportunity will be held at Academic Arts High School, 60 Marie Ave in West St. Paul. We are located just west of Robert Street, behind Chipotle (mmm, burritos). Fall enrollment is filling fast, we encourage you to come on down, see the school, meet the staff, ask questions about project-based learning, and register for the 2010-2011 school year!

Our school year calendar can be downloaded as a PDF or viewed online.


Prospective and returning students are invited to attend the AAHS Big Big BBQ on Thursday, August 12th from 5-7pm. The event will take place in the AAHS parking lot, and will feature free food, good people, and a chance to mingle with next year’s staff and discuss the upcoming school year.  We’d also love to hear about what you’ve been up to over the summer.

Prospective students are encouraged to attend; tours will be available, and all questions will be answered regarding enrollment, curriculum, etc.

Come and get it!

Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself to you all and express my excitement for this coming school year to begin.

My name is Andrew Ng, and I am proud to be able to call myself the mathematics instructor and advisor for Academic Arts High School for the 2010-2011 school year. I am a recent graduate of Winona State University with a bachelor of arts in mathematics and a bachelor of science in secondary education – mathematics and have been excited for this coming school year since the days I was in high school. I grew up in Saint Paul Park and went to high school, where I found that I wanted to be a high school teacher, at Park High School.

As the fall approaches and the school year is about to begin, I look forward to meeting the students I will be working with and hope to build some great relationships. We will be applying scenarios that one might encounter in real life situations involving math and digging into some great projects.

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